Cover to X-FACTOR #24

Description: reators: Written by Peter David Pencils & Cover by Pablo Raimondi. : "THE ISOLATIONIST" The stunning conclusion to THE ISOLATIONIST. Josef Huber has been manipulating X-Factor in the hopes of gathering together all mutants. But post M-Day, with their numbers dwindling, amassing the world's remaining mutants could reduce them to a single target. With Layla Miller lost and wandering the streets of New York, Siryn and Monet shepherding the twins Molly and Wally to safety, and the rest of the team still reeling from their confrontation with Quicksilver, can X-Factor Investigations uncover Huber's plans before harm comes to the remnants of mutantkind? Part 4 (of 4) Featuring Endangered Species Chapter 15 uided by Doctor Strange, Beast explores the mystical corners of the Marvel Universe and discovers that M-Day has destroyed more lives than he thought possible. 40 pages. Rated T+.
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