Cover to WITCHBLADE #112

Description: Creators: (W) Ron Marz (P) Rick Leonardi (I) Kevin Nowlan (Cov) Mike Mayhew. : FIRST BORN tie-in issue! In the aftermath of FIRST BORN both Dani and Sara reel from the impact of the events in FIRST BORN #3. And the ultimate fate of Sara's newborn child is yet undetermined. The immediate battle is over, but the larger war has just begun. FIRST BORN architect Ron Marz (ION, SAMURAI: HEAVEN AND EARTH) is joined in the final of three very special FIRST BORN tie-in issues by the veteran art team of Rick Leonardi (JLA, SUPERMAN RETURNS), Kevin Nowlan (BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE, SUPERMAN v. ALIENS) and cover artist Mike Mayhew (VAMPIRELLA, THE PULSE) 32 pages.
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