Walking Dead (TV Series) Mini-Bust: Well Walker

Walking Dead  (TV Series) Mini-Bust: Well Walker
Description: Dale and T-Dog find a walker at the bottom of a well. In an attempt to salvage the water supply, they first try to lure, then drag, the walker out of it. Unfortunately, their attempts are unsuccesful as the rotting, bloated corpse is bisected by the rope the survivors are using to hoist it out, spilling its tainted entrails and ruining the well. The only safe way to bring a zombie home with you, this mini-bust depicts the Well Walker From The Walking Dead's Cherokee Rose in all of his undead, bloated glory! Cast in high-quality polystone and painted by hand, this limited edition collectible mini-bust is hand-numbered and comes with a matching Certificate of Authenticity. Scheduled to arrive in March 2013.
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