Cover to Unstoppable Wolverine: An Origin Story HC

Unstoppable Wolverine: An Origin Story HC
Description: He is the best there is at what he does, but just who is the mystery man known as Wolverine? Learn how sickly James Howlett learned to use his mutants gifts - claws made of bone that he could extend from his fists, and the ability to heal from almost any wound - to live for decades without growing old. See how he survived World Wars and amazing adventures, and learn about the top secret government experiment that covered his bones with adamantium, the hardest metal known to man. Then witness his transformation from tough loner to one of Professor Xavier's most famous X-Men, and see how the unstoppable Wolverine inspires X-Men, mutants, and all of the heroes of the Marvel Universe to never give up and always fight the good fight! [(W) Richard Thomas (A/CA) Pat Olliffe]
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