Cover to Star Wars: Purge - The Tyrants Fist #1

Star Wars: Purge - The Tyrants Fist #1
Description: Darth Vader brings terror to the Jedi! Shortly after the birth of the Empire, Darth Vader master of combat, terror of his enemies, continues his purge of the Jedi Knights on a planet where his Jedi prey are revered. Amidst a planetwide insurgency, the Dark Lord must snuff out one surviving Jedi, as well as kill the fire of rebellion in the native populace. All will bow to the power of Vader and the Galactic Empire! Alexander Freed of The Old Republic writes Darth Vader! Follows the events of Revenge of the Sith. [(W) Alexander Freed (A) Marco Castiello, Andrea Chella (CA) Michael Atiyeh, Dan Scott]
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