Cover to Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 02 Blu-Ray

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 02 Blu-Ray
Description: Set in the 24th century, the exploits of the U.S.S. Enterprise continue as it explores the universe, seeking new life and new worlds. Star Trek: The Next Generation returns to Blu-Ray in spectacular high-def with the Second Season featuring: All 22 episodes, brilliantly re-transferred from original film elements into Hi-Def - including the extremely rare, extended version of the fan-favorite episode, The Measure of a Man; Amazing visual effects, painstakingly re-created from original film elements; and a wealth of exclusive special features, including over 120 minutes of brand-new documentaries featuring all-new cast and crew interviews, the Next Gen 25th Anniversary Cast Reunion, Making It So: Continuing The Next Generation multi-part documentary, original episodic promos, special features from the original DVD release, deleted scenes, 7.1 DTS HD-master audio and original Stereo Surround audio, and more!
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