Cover to Spider-Man: PSAS SC

Spider-Man: PSAS SC
Description: The Spectacular Spider-Man does the Marvel Universe proud in a titanic tome that's both entertaining and educational! Swing along with Spidey and a gathering of his amazing friends - including Storm, Luke Cage, Power Pack, Jubilee and the Fantastic Four - as they take on a host of important social issues in the inimitable Mighty Marvel Manner! Collecting SPIDER-MAN VS. THE PRODIGY; SPIDER-MAN, STORM & POWER MAN; SPIDER-MAN & POWER PACK; SPIDER-MAN AGAINST VERBAL ABUSE; SPIDER-MAN & THE NEW MUTANTS FEATURING SKIDS; ADVENTURES IN READING STARRING SPIDER-MAN; SPIDER-MAN: CHAOS AT THE CONSTRUCTION SITE; SPIDER-MAN: RIOT AT ROBOTWORLD; SPIDER-MAN BATTLES THE MYTH MONSTER; SPIDER-MAN: SKATING ON THIN ICE; SPIDER-MAN: DOUBLE TROUBLE; SPIDER-MAN: HIT & RUN; SPIDER-MAN: CHAOS IN CALGARY; SPIDER-MAN: DEAD BALL; SPIDER-MAN: HOW TO BEAT THE BULLY/JUBILEE: PEER PRESSURE; SPIDER-MAN: FATHERHOOD; FAST LANE #1-4; SPIDER-MAN ON BULLYING PREVENTION; HEROES VS. PLAQUE: WHEN PLAQUE ATTACKS; and SPIDER-MAN: YOU're HIRED! 456 pages. /Rated T
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