Cover to Rex Mundi #16

Rex Mundi #16
Description: Julien is dying, his body horribly savaged by Lorraine''s torturers. His only hope now is Genevieve, but the Castle of the Holy Grail is crawling with the Duke of Lorraine''s dreaded Imperial Guard-not to mention the duke himself.Fortunately for Genevieve and Julien, Lorraine has other things on his mind-namely his daughter, Isabelle! Isabelle is drunk with power-literally-and she''s hell bent on killing her father. Only one of them is going to survive the epic confrontation.Meanwhile, sniveling Baron Robert Teniers has made his move. He''s ready for the deepest mysteries of the Holy Grail, but he should be careful what he wishes for . . . A sorcerous duel, a grisly ritual, and plenty of bodies pile up in Rex Mundi #16, "First Communion." Heads will roll! [Arvid Nelson (W), Juan Ferreyra (A), and Jo Chen (Cover)]
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