Cover to Project Superpowers #4 (Alex Ross Negative Incentive Cover)

Project Superpowers #4 (Alex Ross Negative Incentive Cover)
Description: Dynamite Entertainment and Alex Ross unleash Project Superpowers as the 'dynamite' launch of the year continues in our new flagship title! The saga continues as we focus this issue on The Flame and Hydro as they have the attention of the Dynamic Family, who have been forced to flee New York city - now transformed into New Shangri-La! Plus: The fate of the Yank! Black Terror goes hero hunting! Samson and Scarab make a gruesome discovery about the true nature of the F-Troop and more! This powerful series is overseen by Alex Ross - who provides cover art and who has redesigned every hero within these pages - along with writer Jim Krueger and artist Carlos Paul, this is the most powerful comic book event of the year! Plus, each issue of the series features original character design art from Alex Ross himself! [Alex Ross, Jim Krueger & Carlos Paul]
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