Cover to NEW X-MEN #41

Description: Written by Christopher Yost & Craig Kyle / Pencils and Cover by Skottie Young. : "QUEST FOR MAGIK" ONCLUSION It all comes down to this! The New X-Men fight for their very souls against Belasco as the "Quest for Magik" concludes. Who will control Limbo? What is the fate of Illyana Rasputin? The Astonishing X-Men and Doctor Strange guest star as souls are shattered and lives are changed forever, and the very fate of the world rests on the children of the Xavier Institute. FEATURING ENDANGERED SPECIES CHAPTER 8 east's dark decent plummets to terrible depths as he does the unthinkable-digging up long-dead remains on Genosha for scientific experimentation.... 32 pages. Publisher Rating: T+.
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