Cover to Life with Archie #25 (Ruiz wraparound cover)

Life with Archie #25 (Ruiz wraparound cover)
Description: Script: Paul Kupperberg Art: Fernando Ruiz, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Jim Amash, Bob Smith Cover: Norm Breyfogle Wrap-around Variant Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith Archie Marries Veronica - After the smashing success of their television debut, Betty and Reggie have a decision to make whether they want to continue down the reality TV path. Are these two primed for the spotlight? Clay recovers from his gunshot wound as husband Kevin contemplates his career shift into politics. As Archie and Veronica start up their new business ventures, things seem to be looking up for the happy couple for the first time in a long while. But does enterprising billionaire Fred Mirth's expanding reach jeopardize their future? Archie Marries Betty - After getting overlooked at work and upstaged by his students, Archie's outlook is not so bright these days. Jughead makes the transition to fatherhood with a baby on the way, meaning he's also looking out for his kid sister's best interest whose boyfriend is sketchy at best. While Cheryl stays positive about her fight with breast cancer, someone close to the gang is about to have a brush with death and nothing can prepare you for the heart-stopping ending. This special 25th issue features a cover by original Life with Archie artist Norm Breyfogle plus a wrap-around variant cover by current LWA artist Fernando Ruiz! [(W) Paul Kupperberg (A) Fernando Ruiz & Various (CA) Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith]
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