Cover to Lady Death #25 (wraparound cover)

Lady Death #25 (wraparound cover)
Description: This is it: The most incredible turning point in the history of the LADY DEATH series itself! Having returned to the Under Realm Lady Death finds that everything she knew and understood about herself, her magical heritage and her powers have been irrevocably shattered. Not only must she come to terms with new abilities which make her the true embodiment of Death, Hope must also contend with an Under Realm ruled for seven years by her half-sister Tormina. Welcome to the debut of the incredibly lush, painted illustrations of new series artist Marc Borstel! Available with Regular and Wraparound covers by Pow Rodrix, Sultry cover by Renato Camilo, and incentive Art Deco cover by painter Michael Dipascale! [(W) Mike Wolfer (A) Marcelo Mueller (CA) Pow Rodrix]
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