Cover to Kekkaishi Vol. 35 GN

Kekkaishi Vol. 35 GN
Description: The Seishu Gakuen baseball team is one win away from fulfilling Wakaba's final dream of seeing Ko pitch in front of a packed crowd at Koshien. But they'll have to beat powerhouse Ryuou Gakuin in the North Tokyo Tournament finals in order to get there. Meanwhile, Akane Takigawa's health takes a turn for the worse, and she's scheduled to have surgeryon the day of the big game.Who among our friends and enemies will sacrifice themselves - or others - to save the world from annihilation? What will be the ultimate fate of the child Chushinmaru, a spirit reservoir trapped alone for 400 years in the mystical site of Karasumori? And what is the final destiny of Karasumori's faithful guardians, Yoshimori and Tokine...?! [(W/A/CA) Yellow Tanabe]
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