Cover to Justice League of America #1

Justice League of America #1
Description: The march toward TRINITY WAR begins with part one of World's Most Dangerous! Green Lantern! Green Arrow! Catwoman! Katana! Vibe! Hawkman! Stargirl! They aren't the world's greatest super heroes-they're the most dangerous! But why does a team like the JLA need to exist? What is their ultimate mission? And who is pulling the strings? Plus: Find out why Martian Manhunter is the most dangerous of them all. Period. This issue is available in 52 U.S. flag variant editions, one for each state plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. In addition, you may order a shrinkwrapped pack of the standard edition of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 plus all 52 variant covers. [(W) Geoff Johns (A/CA) David Finch]
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