Cover to Hawken: Genesis HC

Hawken: Genesis HC
Description: Based on Meteor Entertainment's Free-to-Play, Massively-Multiplayer online shooter Hawken, an immersive, fast-paced game featuring giant mechs on a technologized world, this original graphic novel serves as both prequel and sourcebook for the game world. It offers players a glimpse of what came before the game, and what might come in the months ahead. Hawken: Genesis focuses on the relationship between Rion Lazlo, the man who would be king, and James Hawken, the brilliant inventor who paved the way for Lazlo's success. What begins as a mutually beneficial partnership developing magnificent technology for the planet's largest corporation state devolves into betrayal and conflict that soon leads to a man-made cataclysm that changes the face of the planet forever. [(W) Khang Le, Jeremy Barlow (A) Kody Chamberlain & Various (CA) Khang Le]
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