Cover to Grimm Universe: Dark One #4 (cover B - Mychaels)

Grimm Universe: Dark One #4 (cover B - Mychaels)
Description: The full ORIGIN of the Dark One is finally revealed! Before the war between the council of the realms, before the Dark Horde, before he set out to conquer the nexus, there was the warlord Malec: the son of a King who was captured and forced into slavery until he escaped. Malec would raise up an army whose brutality would know no match as his path of vengeance and revenge swept across the land of Myst... a path that would end with the creation of the most evil being in the Grimm Universe... The Dark One. This is the one issue of the year you cannot miss! [(W/A) Anthony Spay (CA) Marat Mychaels]
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