Cover to Global Frequency #3

Global Frequency #3
Description: The man lived in an Avenue D attic, and the locals thought him retarded. But he had taught himself twenty languages. His small room was filled with books. Huge racks of notebooks were crammed with poetry, maths, pieces of awful plays. Transcripts from ham radio receptions. And then, one day, he vanished. Pots of half-cooked food congealed on the stove. Books left open on the floor. And one clean sheet of paper, in the attic's exact center. Maybe a hundred words on it, in its center, very clearly, in black block capitals. A radio transcription. Describing an idea. A meme; idea as virus, infecting the minds of those who read it, reproducing in the minds of those they tell it to. It's an alien life form. And so Avenue D is slowly becoming another planet...
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