Cover to Ghost Omnibus Vol. 02 SC

Ghost Omnibus Vol. 02 SC
Description: Death is a lot less peaceful than it used to be-and infinitely more dangerous-at least for Elisa Cameron. Someone in the corrupt metropolis of Arcadia had her killed, but Elisa rose as Ghost, a beautiful but lethal specter intent on unraveling the mystery of her demise . . . and escorting those responsible to the other side. But being a ghost, it seems, is no protection from the dark forces that infest Arcadia, who are out to prove that even a ghost can be killed! Ghost Omnibus Volume 2 features over three hundred story pages of the Spectral Avenger created by some of the top talents in comics, including screenwriter Eric Luke, Ivan Reis, Doug Braithwaite, and Randy Emberlin. Includes special guest appearances by Dark Horse heroes Barb Wire, X, and King Tiger! [Eric Luke (W), Ivan Reis (P), Doug Braithwaite (P), Randy Emberlin (I), John Bolton (Cover), and Oth]
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