Cover to Freelancers Vol. 01 SC

Freelancers Vol. 01 SC
Description: Cassie and Val were raised in a Kung Fu Orphanage. Now they're Freelancers hired guns who solve unsolvable problems for Hollywood's rich and powerful elite. But when one job goes awry, they uncover a secret that threatens to cripple Los Angeles... In a city where loyalty runs only as deep as one's bank account, Cassie and Val have to take on the most dangerous gigs just so they can keep the lights on and continue living off ramen. Red-hot newcomers Eric Esquivel and Joshua Covey bring you the smash hit series full of raucous nights, beautiful dreamers, and heartbreak in between trips to the newest food trucks. Collects Freelancers #1-6. [(W) Eric M Esquivel (A) Joshua Covey (CA) Felipe Smith]
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