Cover to Flashpoint SC

Flashpoint SC
Description: The red-hot, sold-out five-issue miniseries from Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert is on its way in trade paperback! This is Flash Fact: When Barry Allen wakes at his desk, he discovers the world has changed. Family is alive, loved ones are strangers, and close friends are different, gone or worse. It?s a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war – but where are Earth?s Greatest Heroes to stop it? It?s a place where America?s last hope is Cyborg, who hopes to gather the forces of The Outsider, The Secret 7, S!H!A!Z!A!M!, Citizen Cold and other new and familiar-yet-altered faces! It?s a world that could be running out of time, if The Flash can?t find the villain who altered the time line!
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