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Firefly Les Femmes Saffron Poster

Firefly Les Femmes Saffron Poster
Description: She's back by popular demand after her sold-out performance at San Diego Comic-Con 2011! The crafty seductress who conned men throughout The Verse is here in fine form. Saffron AKA Bridget AKA Yolanda Haymer or, as Captain Malcolm Reynolds called her, Yo-Saff-Bridge, is ready to tempt fate (and you) in a gorgeous art nouveau print from QMx. Saffron smolders in a strapless dress, with her former husband's priceless Lassiter laser pistol and a bouquet of crocuses nearby. Created by designer Megan Lara, she complements the Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set and comes printed on 24 x 12 100-pound, satin-finish paper.
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