Cover to Empowered Special #4 (Animal Style)

Empowered Special #4 (Animal Style)
Description: TERRORPIN! POWERPACHYDERM! BRASS MONKEY! CYBERIAN TIGER! SUPERCOBRA! MAUL BUNNY! Can struggling superheroine Empowered foil a mass carjacking by these animal-armored crimebots at the 21st annual Alternate Timeline Superhero Auto Show? Can one exceedingly flimsy supersuit overcome fourteen hostile tons of heavy metal? This action-packed new Empowered one-shot says: MAYBE! 30 brand new story pages, with art by mecha-master John Staton and major-color-domo Robaato, plus bonus art by Adam Warren! [(W) Adam Warren (A) Adam Warren, John Harris Staton (CA) Adam Warren & Various]
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