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Elizabeth's Canvas SC
Description: Fighting cancer isn't just a struggle to the body. It's also a fight with the heart, and the soul, and the spirit. The non-profit organization Elizabeth's Canvas has been helping with that struggle by providing cancer patients, survivors, and their family members with art, photography, dance and writing classes, at no charge, so that they can better cope with their symptoms and improve their well-being. Elizabeth's Canvas classes are offered inside and outside hostpitals, and are grounded in the belief that the creative process can strengthen the spirit and empower the mind. Now Elizabeth's Canvas, IDW Publishing and Blastoff have come together to create this graphic novel, in which comic creators from across the industry interview the people behind the struggle with cancer - the patients, the nurses, the survivors, the researchers - and tell their stories; tales of defiance, perseverance, dedication and triumph. All proceeds from the sale of the graphic novel will go to further fund and grow Elizabeth's Canvas' efforts. [(W) Mark Waid & Various (A) David Messina & Various (CA) Jenny Frison]
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