Cover to Dejah Thoris & The Green Men of Mars #5 (subscription variant)

Dejah Thoris & The Green Men of Mars #5 (subscription variant)
Description: For comic fans that pre-order a copy, you can receive an exclusive cover featuring an exclusive Jay Anacleto B/W Cover! This super-special variant is limited to initial orders! To keep the peace, Dejah Thoris must keep a dreadful secret - the inhuman acts she witnessed and endured at the hands of outlaw Tharks. To reveal such horror would break the alliances that John Carter forged, pitting all of Mars in a race war. But the price of her secrecy grants the brutal Cult of Hok free reign to launch a terror campaign of their own! [(W) Mark Rahner (A) Lui Antonio (CA) Jay Anacleto]
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