Cover to Creator Owned Heroes #8 (cover A - Morse)

Creator Owned Heroes #8 (cover A - Morse)
Description: A monthly feature featuring graphic strips and material by DARWYN COOKE, plus: Leaping Tall Buildings: Independent Spirits a profile feature by CHRISTOPHER IRVING and SETH KUSHNER featuring JAMIE & GILBERT HERNANDEZ. Kill Switch, Conclusion - The game of death continues in it's final chapter as Kill Switch, surrounded by an army of blood thirsty assassins and dealing the last issue's betrayal, vows to hunt down and punish the person responsible no matter how long it takes! Meatbag, Part Two - Potbelly Sanders is dead, deceased, expired. Now Detective DeSanto is on his own, and falling further and further into darkness. Part Two of Meatbag concludes with a twist of bizarre noir by SCOTT MORSE and STEVE NILES in their first CREATOR-OWNED HEROES collaboration. Interviews, contests, art galleries, con photos, and original articles, all celebrating the creator-owned spirit. [(W/A) Steve Niles & Various (CA) Scott Morse]
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