Cover to COUNTDOWN #30

Description: Creators: Story by Paul Dini Breakdowns by Keith Giffen 30 Script by Jimmy Palmiotti& Justin Gray; Art by Jesus Saiz. : Karate Kid confronts Brother Eye! Jimmy Olsen is grabbed by Forager! Shadowpact tries to subdue an out-of-control Mary Marvel! The Crime Syndicate, the Extremists and Monarch gather against the Challengers! Holly and Harley arrive on Paradise Island nd begin their "training"! A lucky coin-toss might have Two-Face save Piper and Trickster from Checkmate! And who is the mysteriousut funny okester? Oh, and Mister Mxyzptlk explains it all! Plus, more DC villains origin back-up stories written by Scott Beatty, including Zod, Deadshot & Two-Face. The COUNTDOWN continues! Covers 30-27 by Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund. 32 pages.
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