Cover to Classic Popeye #7

Classic Popeye #7
Description: Ahoy! Emblazoned with yet another great spinach-fueled cover by Bud Sagendorf it get's even better inside as Popeye plummets big apes inside. Why, in one glorious, mound-blowing panel our one-eyed sailor boy even wallops 25 ruffians at once! An illustrated text feature, two one-pagers, three hilarious comic book stories and one of those features everybody's favorite character Wimpy in Thimble Theater Presents Mr. J. W. Wimpy in a Tale of Brains vs. Work Entitled 'Who Won' -or- The Fleeter of Foot Emerges Victorious. An archival reprint of Popeye #7 from the Golden Age in 1949. Not to be missed, ya swabs! [(W/A/CA) Bud Sagendorf]
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