Cover to Civil War Frontline #11

Civil War Frontline #11
Description: Both sides of a major war always has a story to tell but there are reasons behind the opposition leaders involvement in said conflict that can be an honorable one or it can be misguided and somewhat skewed. Since Sally Floyd and Ben Urich have left their respective newspaper publishers for various personal reasons involving the Civil War it is news that can potentially destroy the credibility of the registration act and could also very well have a disillusioned public become a little more disenfranchised with the current state of affairs or cause strife on a wide scale that is unimaginable. Not only does this issue give us an insiders view from the perspective of Captain America and Iron Man there are surprising and disturbing accounts of why they felt their actions were justified or were in denial of some dubious issues to procure certain goals. The other thing that can be taken from this is the fact there are some ominous material that comes out of these sessions that pave the way for events that are slowly presenting themselves in the current stable of Marvel books.
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