Cover to CITY OF OTHERS #4 by Bernie Wrightson

CITY OF OTHERS #4 by Bernie Wrightson
Description: Creators: Steve Niles (W), Bernie Wrightson (A), and Jose Villarrubia (C) : The monster-mental pairing of Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles comes to a fetid, blistering head with the fourth issue of City of Others! Former serial-killer-for-hire Stosh "Blud" Bludowski has made his choice. He's now a full-fledged monster-a vampiric "Other," ironically now more emotionally human than he ever was as a man. Now this lifelong killer is neck-deep in a world of beings as deadly and ruthless as he ever was. If his undead life is to continue, and his aim of avenging the family he joined to become an Other is to be realized, Blud has a choice he must face. . 32 pages.
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