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Captain Jules Telescopic Ring

Captain Jules Telescopic Ring
Description: It's a ring. And a compass. And a portable telescope. If goggles and gears and copper tubing are your thing - in other words, if you are, like a goth who has discovered the color brown, a steampunk aficionado - then Captain Jules' Extraordinary Telescope Ring is just what you need! Impress your friends with the finger decoration that is the ring! Find your way to the airship field with the compass! Inspect papers and far-off things with its magnifying lenses! The ring comes with attachments that make it suitable for fingers of Size 5, Size 8, and Size 11. Made of lightweight cast aluminum with a bronze finish to give it a suitable steampunk look, the Extraordinary Telescope Ring will serve a myriad of purposes and accessorize well with your steampunk costume!
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