Cover to BADLANDER #1

Description: Creators: Kevin Ferrara (W/A) : Hot newcomer Kevin Ferrara blasts on the scene with The Badlander-a wicked zombie tale about a supernatural killer escaping damnation. . one bullet at a time! In legend, the Badlander is a ghostly outlaw shrouded in mystery. A weird gunslinger stalking the desert landscapes of Nevada. But in reality Jacob Bierce is nothing more than a rotting corpse of a man, dead in more ways than one-a loner on the run from the law, turned into the living dead and controlled like a puppet by the sinister Bog Witch. Now, as the witch's evil hold threatens to entrap him forever, the Badlander sets in motion a desperate plan to destroy the witch and regain his soul once and for all! 32 pages.
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