Cover to Astro City: Shining Stars SC

Astro City: Shining Stars SC
Description: A new title starring the adventures of Astro City?s most popular heroes, collecting ASTRO CITY: SAMARITAN #1, ASTRO CITY: ASTRA #1-2, ASTRO CITY: SILVER AGENT #1-2 and ASTRO CITY: BEAUTIE #1. Astra Furst, a third-generation super hero of Astro City, is graduating from college. It?s a time of friends and family, new opportunities, changing relationships – and danger! Featuring the First Family, the creatures of Monstro City, a new hero team and more on a graduation night nobody?s ever going to forget! Also in this volume: at last, the full story of the Silver Agent?s fateful journey through time is revealed – including his origin, his greatest battles and his ultimate fate. Plus, Samaritan has his annual dinner with the Infidel, and Beautie, the life-size super-powered fashion-doll member of Honor Guard, doesn?t know who she is. Now, she?s determined to get answers.
Views: 1987   Rating: 4.00 out of 5  (Number of votes: 1)